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Cellulite A woman’s nightmare Part II

Dear Rituel de Beauté followers,

As you will remember, previously we have covered the causes of cellulite. If your answer is affirmative to one or more of these causes, please read on…

Here is a basic list of do’s and don’ts:

Anything fried in oil, tuna fish, regular milk and dairy, alcoholic drinks, bottled juices, desserts and candies, too much salt consumption, flour and related bakery are the main don’ts. Instead, prefer whole wheat, skimmed milk and dairy, dishes with less fat, fresh boiled vegetables.

Also remember that, the most effective diet is eating half portion of what you are eating regularly. Loosing weight should not be the only concern; only a well disciplined individual can stay fit.

Nutrition is the key factor at fighting with cellulites

Nutrition is the key factor at fighting with cellulites

Exercise is at least as important as nutrition; however most of us complain that we have no time to spare for exercise. Exercise is not only going to a gym or swimming… Replacing elevator with the stairs is a great exercise for leg muscles and hips. Riding a bike to short market visits, taking a 30 minutes walk after dinner would also help. Imagine, if only you stop crossing legs while seated  for long, you would have better blood circulation and lymphatic system would be relieved.

Restless leges and tingling feet is a very common situation for most of us. These situations are due to temporary circulation problems. This basically results to jammed lymphatic fluid, which transforms to edema and edema easily turns to cellulites.

As a daily routine, prior to going to bed, shower your legs from toe to the hip first with warm water and then with cold water. Also, should you have a chance for massage, regular foot massage is a great ally against cellulite.

In the weekends, oxygen rich walks in the forrest or parks is also a great and healthy exercise. I am not telling you to run, since running is for anatomically enabled creatures such as dogs and horses which have no fats around their hearts. Anatomically speaking, human should not burn the essential fats around the heart. It might do more harm than good.

During the day, retract your abdomen and tighten your hips.  This as a basic and quick exercise is another effective way of fighting cellulites.

At our next article, we will cover the main exercises in details, for those of you who can spare more time to fight their cellulites.



Have a happy & healthy day,


Beauty Expert