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Our eyes are the windows to the world.

Even though we smell, hear, taste and touch; we can not do without seeing. Although, our eyes are essential to help us in the performance of our daily activities, do we pay enough attention to eye care ?

Unfortunately the answer is “NO” for the majority…

Generally, people do not pay close attention to the eye hygiene and eye care. In addition to ordinary cosmetics that are applied inappropriately, people choose to wear cheap, decorative glasses/sunglasses which might even lead to blindness.

Both glasses and sunglasses should be purchased based on the comments, suggestions and prescriptions(where necessary) of your optometrist. Generally patients choose to follow the instructions for prescription glasses; however, it is commonly seen that, sunglasses are still to be considered as fashion items. Unfortunately, these “fashion items” are far from protecting your eyes from the suns’s harmful effects.

Public surveys show that, individuals pay more attention to the brand rather than the effectiveness and glass specs of the sunglasses.

Especially young generation intend to purchase 10 decorative sunglasses in order to match with their outfit instead of buying 1 or 2 with higher lens & protection specs.

Experts underline the increase in eye problems in the recent years due to considering prescription glasses and sunglasses more of a fashion item. Especially, fake frames and ordinary lenses from far east which can be found nowadays in every dollar store are threatening your eyes.

So how to choose the right glasses ?

First of all, I am not telling you to wear an ugly model, which do not fit your face or that is against the fashion. However, make sure that the glass lenses block at least 99% of UVB rays and at least 95% of UVA rays. Remember! Excessive exposure to UV radiation may cause a variety of problems for your eyes such as cataracts, burns and even cancer!


A quality frame with the right glass lenses increases comfort as well as your sight. An interesting tip for the ladies, it is seen that avoiding excessive sun exposure helps to avoid wrinkles as well…

Thanks to the glasses lens technology, polarised and photocromic lenses are becoming popular due to UVA and UVB filtering by adapting to the instant change of sun rays. Also, Polar PHD lenses are becoming more common in Europe and the States.

Please keep in mind that, darker lenses do not necessarily indicate better protection or the lighter lenses offer better visibility. It is all about the quality and the specs of the lens. Prior to your purchase, make sure that specs and the use of the sunglasses match your expectations. (driver lenses and etc)

You don’t know what kind of a sunglasses you need ? The best way is to get professional help. Consult your optometrist and find out the best option for yourself.

I wish you a happy and healthy day…


Beauty Expert