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Swimming pools and fungus !

Summer has come…

As it gets warmer, pools and the sea becomes more popular. However, these refreshing options provide an open invitation to a sneaky diesase : fungus

Should you not take the necessary actions, this sneaky disease might develop into a very complicated situation.

So, what should you do to avoid fungus ?

First of all, try not to leave your swimming suit or your skin wet. Remember, wetness and moisture are the long time friends of fungus. Pay attention to changing your suit and drying your body carefully.

Should you choose to use a swimming pool, make sure that the maintenance and cleaning of the pool is done regularly and properly. Remember to wear your slippers, while walking in the pool area.

Also single use of swimming suit, towels and slippers without sharing at all is strictly recommended.

At all seasons, make sure you have your own pedicure and manicure sets with you at the beauty saloons.

Wish you a happy and healthy summer!


Yıldız Öztürk

Beauty Expert