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Winter skin care

Nature has its own way of keeping the balance. Following a hot summer, autumn rains fill up our aquifers. Trees drop their dried leaves and get ready for the winter via peeling…

As a vital part of the nature, humans are no different. Our skin becomes dry as it loses too much water and oil during summer. Hence, we also need peeling in order to get rid of dried skin. Another  way to heal the skin is to keep it moisturised and clean with plenty of ph 5.5 water.

You may also call it “Indulging your skin”…

There is a common misunderstanding regarding the implication of the moisturisers. A 50ml cream does not moisturise your skin for 2 months but helps you to increase the moistrising level and capacity of your skin(especially face). Applying the moisturising cream  on dry skin does not do the trick alone since it has to be applied on moist skin in order to keep the moist level.

The right way of applying is another important point. You should apply with fingertips, moving horizontally for better results. Of course, prior to this you should identify the right mositurising cream for your skin type.

Get your skin ready for winter

Get your skin ready for winter


Middle aged and above also require oil for the skin; however, excess oil should not be left unattended. Hence, clean the excess oil via a soft face towel carefully.

Remember, excess oil closes the pores on your face which might result with lipomas. Lipomas cause discomfort in addition to esthetic concerns.
Air pollution is higher during the winter and as a result our skin is effected more during winter. Face peeling every two weeks would be a good way of keeping your skin pure.  Also quality face masks would definetely complete your facial skin care. Skin care during the night is always better since your skin would have the adequate time at night to rest and remember skin renews itself at night like most parts of the body.

Do not forget to clean your make up every night. Sleeping with make up prevents your skin from daily renewal.

Talking about night& sleep, make sure your room is light proof during the sleep( You can alternatively use a sleep/eye mask).  The darker it is, the better you sleeping quality would be; which will help the renewal to be better and faster.

And finally, water water water…

Do not forget to drink water to renew not only your skin but your body as well. No external material would ever make the effect of drinking water…

I wish you a happy and healthy day,

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